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Understanding the setup

For the purposes of this article, I’ve…

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Creating a JavaScript Generator Function

Generator functions in JavaScript are created much like any other function, except for one difference in syntax. …

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1: Josh Comeau

Let’s make the JAMstack logo with CSS!

Thinking in shapes & setting up our variables

At first glance, this logo may look complex but it can actually be recreated with a few divs (it could probably be done with a single div, but that’s another article for another day). When considering how to tackle a piece like this, it’s best to break it up into shapes. What shapes do you see in this logo? I see a circle and several squares.

The < cite > Tag

The <cite></cite> tag is a semantic element that is used in conjunction with the <blockquote></blockquote> element to denote a referenced piece of work, such as a book, an essay, a film, a musical or even a tweet.


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